About Us


Thamel Shop – an online shop for hippie clothes, authentic arts, crafts, spiritual products and boho fashion from Freak Street and Thamel, the places which mark the origin of hippie culture in Nepal.

Nepal is popular throughout the world for its artistic and brilliant handcrafted creations and the streets of Thamel have become synonymous with class and uniqueness encased with endless choices for the shoppers.

Thamel Shop is your one-stop online destination that brings the finest and authentic crafts right from the streets of Thamel to your door, a hub for arts, crafts, spiritual products, and hippie and boho fashion with huge varieties.

Who We Are?
A family owned and operated business, Thamel Shop has its roots traced back to 1980s when it started with the name “Freak Street Garments” embodying the Hippie Culture at the Freak Street and Thamel in Nepal. Operating since the ’80s, Freak Street Garments Industries is one of the pioneers of the Hippie and Boho culture in Nepal.

Thamel Shop is “Freak Street Garments” extension to provide hippie and boho clothing, art, and spiritual products throughout the world. Thamel Shop is an online Hippe and Boho Clothing, Art, Fashion, Antiques, and Spiritual Products Shop in Australia which sells goods directly imported from one of the largest and oldest “Hippie and Boho Clothing” Companies in Nepal, Freak Street Garments Industries.

The sole purpose of Thamel Shop, the online hippie and boho clothing brand in Australia is to address the demands of the worldwide based customers and people who are in love with the authentic and genuine Nepalese products.

The motive to counter the fake factory-made products and to allow people to shop conveniently for authentic Nepalese craft items led to the inception of Thamel Shop, the online retail wing of Freak Street Garments.

What We Offer
Thamel Shop has been continually working towards easing the online buying experience of consumers who are looking for uniquely crafted Nepalese hand-created items of the finest quality as well as other hippie and boho fashion and spiritual products. The store offers hippie and boho apparel, bags, felt products, hemp products, spiritual items, décor crafts, antiques, and accessories. With experience comes the great quality and better customer understanding, and this is what you will experience shopping at Thamel Shop.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • All the crafted items are sourced from Nepal, made from locally produced raw materials.
  • The artisans include ethnic groups, marginalised artists, housewives who are employed based on their high-end handcraft skills, thus ensuring they are able to showcase their class and live a better life.
  • Many employed women work from home and through our platform can conveniently juggle between household chores, kids and their livelihood.
  • The entire development process incorporates fair trade, ethical and high quality work standards with no child labour.
  • All the products are directly sourced from producers with no middlemen or agent, thus ensuring quality practice and cost-effectiveness to the buyers. AU and Nepal based inventory.
  • We have been praised for our excellent customer service to consumers.
  • Wholesale option is also available.
  • We also trade locally in fairs, markets and festivals so you can come and check the products first hand.

We have always been passionate about the authenticity and uniqueness of the items that the spirit of the streets of Thamel behold. Thamel Shop works with the intent of introducing rich Nepalese history, culture and artistry to the world through our exquisite and finely crafted items and collectibles.

(P.S. Images belong to the respective owners)

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